Lindhagensporten gets
geothermal energy from Adven

Lindhagensporten, which is an old landmark at Kungsholmen, is undergoing a complete renovation in order to provide good quality, modern offices with an environmental focus to the marketplace. The installation of geothermal energy for heating and cooling is an important part of these environmental measures. Lindhagensporten’s new owner, global real estate investment manager Invesco Real Estate, therefore acquires a property which will ultimately reduce its primary energy consumption by almost 70 percent.  

 The property Gångaren 10, also known as Lindhagensporten, has been completely reconditioned in order to deliver modern offices with an environmental focus. With an aim to optimize Lindhagensporten’s energy performance in regards to heating and cooling the property’s former owner, Areim, opted for Adven to install geothermal energy.

 Invesco Real Estate, who bought Lindhagensporten in Q3 2015, is therefore taking over a property with high energy efficiency. Geothermal energy increases the possibility for the property to receive environmental certifications, for example LEED which is used to assess commercial properties’ environmental performance.

 – The energy supplied to Lindhagensporten is reduced by almost 70 percent. With geothermal energy from Adven the property owners can convert to sustainable energy supply and get access to our expertize within operation and maintenance, says Jonas Häggqvist, CEO for Adven Sweden.

 Geothermal energy is solar energy stored several hundred meters underground, where the average temperature is constant throughout the year. By using this sustainable energy source, the property can be heated during the winter and cooled in the summer. 

 Adven will deliver heating and cooling to the 40 000 square meters large property starting from 2016.


For further information, please contact:

Adven Sweden AB
Jonas Häggqvist, CEO, tfn +46 70 53 170 17


About Adven

Adven delivers reliable company-specific energy supply and local heating systems in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Adven’s activities are based on turnkey solutions that are tailored for the customer’s needs, and with which energy is produced in a reliable and cost-effective manner with minimal environmental impact. Adven’s available products are: geothermal energy to commercial properties, industrial steaming, cooling, heating, processing of secondary energy, gas and electricity.