Skanssi starts up largest geoenergy solution for a shopping mall in Europe

A shopping centre in the Skanssi district of Turku will become almost entirely energy self-sufficient as of 9 May 2019, when it switches to geoenergy to heat and cool its premises. At the same time, the shopping centre’s carbon dioxide emissions will be cut by approximately 90 per cent.* The geoenergy service is being implemented by Adven.

The major energy renovation that was started at the Skanssi Shopping Centre last summer has come to fruition, and the geoenergy plant is officially operational. The project is the largest geoenergy solution ever realised in a shopping centre so far in Europe.

“This geoenergy plant is the outcome of long-term work and a natural extension of our efforts to develop the sustainability of our operations. I am pleased that this will help us further reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, as well as offer an even more sustainable operating environment for consumers and our tenants,” says Skanssi’s Shopping Centre Manager, Maarit Hurme.

Carbon dioxide emissions cut by roughly 90%

With the geoenergy solution, the shopping centre’s cooling and heating will be generated with the help of 112 geowells that have been drilled into the property’s own bedrock. The geoenergy plant will cut the shopping centre’s carbon dioxide emissions by roughly 90 per cent, as this form of energy production is almost entirely carbon neutral. The reduction in emissions corresponds, on an annual level, to the carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 450 passenger cars. It would take some 230 hectares of forest to bind the same volume of emissions.

Skanssi’s new energy solution was implemented by Adven, who is also responsible for the plant’s operation.

“The work went well; we drilled 112 geowells to a depth of some 350 metres in the shopping centre environment. Drilling work for the energy wells lasted roughly three months. Our aim was to minimise disruptions to the shopping centre’s customers and business caused by construction, and I think we managed to do that quite well. We have been testing the new system since the start of April,” says Adven’s VP of Geoenergy, Timo Koljonen. 


Towards carbon-neutral energy

Switching to geoenergy is part of Skanssi Shopping Centre’s long-term sustainability efforts. Geoenergy will replace part of the energy generated by the district heating and cooling systems currently used by the shopping centre.

Skanssi’s sustainable development district is also a strategic development project for the City of Turku. The City of Turku has set the goal of eliminating all coal use by 2025 and achieving carbon neutral status by 2029.

With geoenergy, the ground works like a battery that can be charged. In summer, ground source cooling can be used to cool the building, while at the same time, heat is stored in the rock. In winter, the property will again be heated with energy from the ground. 

Energy deliveries to the shopping centre will be remotely monitored and controlled by Adven 24/7.


* Based on the information from 2018


In brief:

  • Skanssi Shopping Centre has close to 90 shops and services
  • Skanssi was opened in 2009
  • After the energy renovation, Skanssi will be almost entirely energy self-sufficient
  • The geoenergy solution will enable a reduction in emissions of altogether 1,245 tCO2
  • In early 2017, Skanssi became the third shopping centre in Europe to be awarded the highest environmental rating in Europe: a platinum LEED certificate
  • Skanssi is the first shopping centre in Europe to have not just a platinum but also a construction-phase LEED certificate


For more information:

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Skanssi Shopping Centre, Maarit Hurme, Shopping Centre Manager, +358 50 563 4844,


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