Entertainment Center Lappari is heated and cooled by the waters from mountain brooks

News 2016-12-19

Entertainment Center Lappari in Tornio, Finland gets its heating and cooling from the river Tornio, from geoenergy wells and from district heating. Energy company Adven evaluates hybrid energy model being the most sustainable way to produce heating and cooling for a historical property, with a whole new life a head.

Finnish industries improve their competitiveness by increasing energy efficiency

News 2016-11-25

Energy is one of the biggest cost factors for many industrial companies. By improving the energy efficiency, the competitiveness of the production can be improved significantly. Adven realizes a project where the use of steam at DuPont’s Finnfeeds Finland’s betaine factory in Naantali can be decreased by almost 40 per cent and at the same time also the carbon footprint is remarkably reduced.

Food industry seeks new ways in liquid evaporation

News 2016-11-16

Industrial processes generate various by-products and waste-waters, and their treatment currently is rather difficult and quite expensive. When liquids are sorted-out from the waste-water or by-product, valuable raw materials often remain. Water and energy company Adven anticipates that in the future, various kinds of by-products are even more efficiently processed and reused by many companies. Honkajoki Oy, recycler of animal-based raw materials, is currently developing its production lines with evaporation in an essential role.

Adven acquires Ekokem’s heat plant in Jepua, Finland

News 2016-09-21

Adven and Ekokem have agreed on an asset deal, whereby Adven acquires Ekokem’s Jepua heating plant and its operations. The acquisition is part of Adven’s growth strategy which aims at a significant growth in the industrial energy markets in the near future. The plant produces about 50 GWh of energy annually, which equals the energy consumption of a small town’s district heating network.

Appointments in the Board of Directors of Adven Group Oy

News 2016-09-14

Mr. Aappo Kontu has been appointed from 1.9.2016 to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Adven Group Oy. Aappo has an extensive experience in industrial services, energy and process industries. Until 2012 he was President and CEO of Empower Group Oy, a Finland based industrial services company. Before it he held several executive positions with Pohjolan Voima Oy and Teollisuuden Voima Oy. Aappo is currently on boards of several companies as chairman and member.

Cooperation is a key for local industries success in Jepua, Finland

News 2016-09-01

One company needs energy, and another one has production by-product which is difficult to dispose. When this excess material is processed as bioenergy, everybody gains advantages. Energy company Adven encourages to copy-paste Jepua’s cooperation model also elsewhere.

A brilliant energy solution in SOK Corporation’s huge logistics center

News 2016-06-28

SOK Corporation’s logistics center in Sipoo, is one of the biggest investments in Finland and one of the largest cold warehouses in the Europe. It’s energy supply is exceptional both due to the size and the combination of various energy production methods. Energy supplier Adven believes hybrid energy models will become more and more general in the future.

Nammo Vihtavuori and Adven re-thought the water usage of Lake Siikajärvi

News 2016-06-08

Last year the water of the Lake Siikajärvi, situated in central Finland, Vihtavuori of Laukaa, was discovered to be on an exceptionally low level. Nammo Vihtavuori Oy, producing reloading powders, is the most remarkable user of the lake water, and decided to take actions to improve the situation. Adven was chosen as Nammo’s partner for the implementing a progressive close loop water system. From autumn 2016 on, 40% less water will be taken from the lake in comparison to the previous. At the same time the solution will decrease the total energy usage of the factory by 15%.

Drilling of energy wells in DB Schenker's new logistics terminal in Vaasa, Finland begins this week

News 2016-04-26

DB Schenker builds a new logistics terminal in Vaasa Finland. The heating and cooling for the terminal will be delivered by a geoenergy solution provided by Adven. The drilling of the energy wells will start this week. Energy system of the new logistics terminal will be completely CO2 neutral. In addition to low carbon dioxide emissions Adven’s solution will result in about 10- 15 percent savings in energy costs in comparison to the traditional energy concepts.

District heating in Siuntio and Veikkola in the Southern Finland is now produced by using biofuels

News 2016-04-04

District heating plants in Siuntio and Veikkola located in the Southern Finland and operated by Ad-ven, have started to use of biofuels instead of fossil fuels as their primary fuel during the spring. The old heating boilers have been renewed to pellet boilers offering a competitive and environ-mentally friendly heating option for the area.