Lapti’s Kuopion Portti will be fully carbon neutral

News 2018-06-11

Construction work on Kuopio’s future landmark, Kuopion Portti (Gate of Kuopio), will start in June and will soon be followed by the drilling of geowells. Adven will implement an energy solution for the centre in which the facilities will be cooled and heated using geoenergy. The pumps will use electricity generated by hydropower, and plans have been made to install solar panels on the roof. The energy solution is 100% carbon neutral.

“Why would I buy energy as a service when we do fine with our current model?”

Blog 2018-05-15

When discussing companies’ energy matters, we often come up against even false claims and assumptions about adopting energy solutions. We frequently hear, “We’re doing just fine” and “We want to produce our energy ourselves” in the conversations. Does that sound familiar? Perhaps you have said the same at some point? We have compiled a few perspectives on the most common claims that we hear in the discussions!

Adven helps companies turn circular economy into profitable business

Article 2018-04-19

The Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) engages companies to take concrete actions to save our polluted national treasure and its living conditions. Adven Recovery champions the change driven by BSAG by telling companies how to create profitable business based on the circular economy.

BSAG: Reformed EU legislation opens up business opportunities for nutrient recovery

Article 2018-03-20

The Baltic Sea Action Group works hard in both the business world and in the political arena to save the Baltic Sea. One of the outcomes of these efforts is the upcoming legislative reform that makes nutrient recovery and the manufacture of recycled fertilizers easier.

How to cut energy consumption peaks of the future?

Article 2018-03-13

In REINO, a project focused on developing smart demand response management, a research team led by Professor Sanna Syri is looking into how district heating systems could respond to high consumption peaks.

Carbon neutral heating system for Vanajanlinna buildings – city of Hämeenlinna joins in energy reform

News 2018-03-06

Tourists are showing increasing interest towards sustainable development, responsibility and greener energy solutions. Hotel Vanajanlinna, Linna Golf’s properties and the majority of other properties in the area will convert from natural gas to ground source heating and cooling through the geoenergy service provided by Adven.

Sanna Syri, Professor, Energy Economics: Climate change mitigation requires flexibility in energy systems

Article 2018-02-28

When Sanna Syri, Professor, Energy Economics at Aalto University, talks about energy systems, she does not mean the electrification of individual family homes. Syri’s research background is in large-scale energy systems – systems covering entire cities, suburbs, countries and continents. Even the Earth as a whole can be viewed as a global energy system.

A local operator knows every nook and cranny of his plant

Article 2018-02-22

Thomas Nyholm started work as a plant operator in early 2017, working in one of Adven’s plants in the town of Hanko, Finland. Nyholm manages a process steam plant that supplies steam for the production process of Genencor, an industrial enzyme manufacturer with a production facility in Hanko. Owned and operated by Adven, the process steam plant mostly runs on a range of biofuels.

In the town of Hanko, Adven’s climate-friendly energy solutions benefit businesses and homes alike

Article 2018-02-15

The town of Hanko, at the southern tip of Finland, is home to a cluster of process steam and heating plants operated by Adven. The plants' close proximity to each other provides synergies for both maintenance and fuel procurement. Any surplus heat from the plants is fed into the town’s district heating network, which is also under Adven’s management.

Laholm's largest industry becomes 100% fossil free with Adven

News 2018-02-06

Swedish core composite manufacturer Diab AB has signed an agreement for the supply of hot water and heat with Adven. By switching to biofuel, Diab's production facility in Laholm will be 100% fossil free by 2019.