The expertise of an operations manager brings benefits across the entire life cycle of the customer relationship

Article 2018-01-24

Operations Manager Antti Koski of Adven develops new solutions to benefit customers throughout the contractual period. This versatile energy-industry expert continuously sees new development opportunities in the operations of its customers’ plants.

3 reasons to choose geoenergy for a logistics center

Article 2018-01-16

Logistics companies are increasingly interested in developing their corporate responsibility by minimizing the environmental impacts of their operations. At the same time, energy price fluctuations are causing concerns in the economy, and trying to budget energy costs can seem more like a lottery game. Geoenergy offers an ecological, stable and financially sensible heating and cooling solution for logistics facilities.

Kemira Chemicals and Leppäkosken Sähkö to sell power plant ownership in FC Energia and FC Power to Adven

News 2018-01-11

Kemira Chemicals and Leppäkosken Sähkö signed a contract on January 10, 2018 with Adven for the sale of the shares for FC Energia and FC Power. The deal is conditional and will be realized on a later date. The parties have agreed on not disclosing any financial details.

Terrafame aims to develop energy efficiency of its production process in cooperation with Adven

News 2018-01-04

Adven and Terrafame Oy have agreed on cooperation which aims to develop the energy efficiency of Terrafame’s production process and explore new energy solutions for the energy production for the battery chemical plant which Terrafame is planning to invest in.

Adven joins Baltic Sea conservation efforts with commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group

News 2017-12-13

One of the Baltic Sea’s biggest problems is eutrophication, which is caused by excess nitrogen and phosphorous in the water. The Baltic Sea Action Group promotes concrete actions to help fix the problems faced by the Baltic Sea. Adven has made a commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group to curb the nutrients that end up in the Baltic Sea by implementing and developing nutrient recovery in industry.

Solid experience heating logistics terminals using geoenergy

Article 2017-12-07

Project Manager Lasse Aitamaa of Adven has unique expertise on a global scale: he knows how logistics terminals can be heated and cooled using geoenergy.

Adven to acquire E.ON’s district heating and distributed energy solutions business E.ON Värme Lokala Energilösningar Aktiebolag (‘EVLE’) in Sweden

News 2017-12-04

EVLE owns and operates well established district heating operations in nine municipalities in Southern and Central Sweden. In addition, EVLE has multiple distributed energy solutions locations in the same areas. The business is extremely complementary for Adven, and will augment growth in Sweden.

In Adven’s central control room, safety always comes first

Article 2017-11-27

Sami Naukkarinen has just recently switched from the role of control room operator to control room supervisor. He joined the company 20 years ago, and over the years has taken care of the control room systems’ maintenance and assisted the control room supervisor.

Remote monitoring of energy plants means safety, efficiency and peace of mind

Article 2017-11-21

Adven’s central control room in Vantaa monitors more than 100 plants around the clock, from the southern town of Hanko to Levi, in Lapland. Centralized monitoring means, above all, safety and efficiency: one person can monitor dozens of plants simultaneously without a single disturbance going unnoticed.

Improving processes means understanding the big picture and thinking outside the box

Article 2017-11-13

Adven’s expert in water and wastewater processing, Hanna Kontturi, has solid technical know-how that brings significant benefits to the customer right from the first meeting. Looking at the big picture helps identify the best possible solution for improving the customer’s process.