The collaboration between Cytiva and Adven on energy recovery enables fulfilment of environmental requirements and saves energy

Cytiva (formerly part of GE Healthcare Life Sciences) is a leading global medicine and pharmaceutical company operating in approx. 40 countries with a large production site in Uppsala, Sweden. For more than 100 years, the company has provided signifi…

Peurunka Wellness Centre: Converting to pellets reduced CO2 emissions by more than 90 %

Heat production for the Peurunka Wellness Centre in Central Finland was renewed due to an increased need for energy. There was also a good opportunity to make energy production more environmentally friendly.

Biokraft’s biogas production made more sustainable and competitive thanks to Adven’s evaporation solution

The world’s largest site for liquified biogas production is operated by the Norwegian company Biokraft. The business is becoming even more circular, as Adven is evaporating the reject water from Biokraft’s production. Adven delivers evapo…

Orkla Group’s Panda sweets are made with 2,500 tonnes fewer emissions

The energy solution implemented by Adven generates steam for the factory and heating for the property using emission-free, wood-based fuels. The solution was introduced in the early 2010s, and it has resulted in a 2,500-tonnes reduction in the factor…

District heating co-operation in Mora benefits both the climate and local players

The district heating network in Mora, Sweden, is Adven’s largest network and the heating is based on 99% renewable and recovered fuel. The network is tightly integrated with local business.

Skanssi started up largest geoenergy solution for a shopping centre in Europe - 112 geowells

A shopping centre Skanssi switched to Adven’s geoenergy service. Carbon dioxide emissions will be cut by approximately 90 per cent and the shopping centre will become almost entirely energy self-sufficient.

Adven generates energy for Mirka through by-product streams

The 18-year co-operation between Adven and Mirka has been honed into a seamless team effort. Mirka’s production has expanded, the company has abandoned the use of heavy fuel oils, and by-product flows are recycled instead of being disposed of i…

Tailored and sustainable energy for Valio plants

Adven produces heating and cooling for eleven plants operated by Valio across Finland. Meeting the customer’s production standards has been a key consideration in Adven's design, resource allocation and planning projects.

Fully carbon neutral Kuopion Portti (Gate of Kuopio)

Adven will implement an energy solution for Kuopio’s future landmark, Kuopion Portti (Gate of Kuopio), in which the facilities will be cooled and heated using geoenergy. The energy solution is 100% carbon neutral.

S-Group’s groceries logistics centre in Sipoo - sustainable hybrid energy concept

S-Group’s logistics centre in Sipoo will be Finland’s largest building and one of the ten largest buildings. Plenty of heating and cooling are needed to ensure that the storage conditions for food and other productsn the world. S-Group is…

Adven a partner in implementing and developing energy solutions for food industry company Saarioinen

Adven has been working in close cooperation with Saarioinen for more than two decades now. The food industry presents energy solution challenges, as production and operations are continuously evolving. The way Saarioinen sees it, having an outside en…

Carbon-neutral geoenergy based heating system for Vanajanlinna buildings

Hotel Vanajanlinna, Linna Golf’s properties and the majority of other properties in the area will convert from natural gas to heating and cooling through the geoenergy solution provided by Adven.

DuPont Group’s FinnFeeds Finland: new evaporation method reduced plant’s energy consumption by a third

The Naantali plant of FinnFeeds Finland Oy, part of the DuPont Group, has succeeded in reducing its use of steam by close to 40 per cent, simultaneously radically reducing its carbon footprint. Total energy consumption has fallen at the plant by arou…

Heating was not the municipality’s core business: Adven took over the Parikkala municipality’s district heating business

Adven can strengthen the operations of the district heating networks of small and mid-sized municipalities. The municipality of Parikkala can now free up capital to develop its municipal services, as it no longer needs to make its own investments to …

Experience Factory Lappari utilises a hybrid energy solution combining several types of heating

Adven designed a special energy solution for Experience Factory Lappari. The system utilises a combination of geothermal energy, district heating and energy extracted from the river Tornio.

Hankkija’s Turku plant creates energy from oat husk

The steam energy required by Hankkija’s Turku plant will be generated by combusting ground oat husk, a by-product of production. Climate targets and the rising cost of fossil fuels prompted the plant to seek alternative solutions in locally ava…

Greenhouses in Honkajoki are heated all winter long with recycled energy

Adven produces the evaporation service using its own MVR evaporator, which is an integral part of Honkajoki’s production process. The solution has considerably improved the energy efficiency of the process.

Adven develops Kemira Chemicals’ energy efficiency and process integration

In early 2018, Kemira and Adven signed a long-term co-operation agreement on energy supply. Adven stands out as an energy partner with previous experience in energy production in demanding industrial environments.

DB Schenker convinced by economical, green geoenergy and Adven’s expertise

DB Schenker and Adven teamed up in 2016 when heating and cooling for DB Schenker’s Vaasa terminal decided to be delivered by a geoenergy solution provided by Adven. The system has been in use since December, and Adven’s operating model ha…

“Geoenergy is the greenest and most economical solution”

Citycon’s Lippulaiva shopping centre currently under construction in Espoo will house what is presumably the world’s largest geoenergy solution ever built in commercial premises. Citycon is realising the project in co-operation with Adven…

Heating of Harriniva Hotels and Safaris changed from heavy fuel oil to geoenergy

Changing oil heating to geoenergy heating saves about 200 000 litres of heavy fuel oil in a year at Harriniva Hotels and Safaris. ”We were looking for a more environmental friendly solution to replace oil. We also anticipate savings in the …

Water consumption at Nammo propellant plant cut in half with Adven’s energy solution

Adven produces steam and heat for the needs of Nammo’s propellant plant in Central Finland. With closed water cycles, the plant’s water consumption was cut in half and previously wasted heat is recovered and used in the area’s distr…

Completely carbon neutral logistics terminal in Vaasa, Finland

DB Schenker builds a new logistics terminal in Vaasa, Finland. The heating and cooling for the terminal will be delivered by a geoenergy solution provided by Adven. Energy system of the new logistics terminal will be completely CO2 neutral.

Potato starch is evaporated as a plant fertilizer

Kokemäki, Finland based Finnamyl Oy is a company that contract farms and processes starch potatoes.

Kungsleden close Adven's geoenergy

In 2014, Adven installed geothermal heating and cooling in Torsnäs 1, a commercial building located in Kista, Stockholm

Värmdö Bostäder: a publically owned pioneer that went from oil to geo energy

Adven is the energy supplier for Värmdö Bostäder, one of the first publically owned residential complexes in Sweden that switched oil to outsourced geothermal energy.

Areim Kista 1 got a renewable solution that increases property value

In 2013, Adven converted Kista One, one of the largest office buildings in the Stockholm suburb of Kista, from district to local geothermal heating and cooling.

Heat - ViskoTeepak

Adven gave ViskoTeepak’s factory an environmentally friendly upgrade

Steam - Altia Corporation

Altia wanted to achieve financial benefits by outsourcing energy production and related investments.

Nummelan Aluelämpö Oy: now 84% lower CO2 emissions

Adven built an environmentally friendly biofuel heat production plant to replace oil usage