Bio - Hybrid solution
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Adven's geothermal heat and bioenergy competence applied in a new way

The starting point of the planning was to optimise the utilisation of geothermal heat and to maximise the production of CO2-free heating and cooling. As a result, a system was created, where geothermal heat serves as the source of basic energy with the most extended operation time possible. Pellet heat is used to ensure capacity when heating need increases during winter and oil is the backup fuel.

Adven’s GeoBio hybrid plant is almost completely CO2-neutral, and is one of the largest plants in Finland utilising geothermal heat. The heating and cooling required by the logistics centre are generated by a combination of geothermal heat pumps and a pellet boiler. Approximately one half of the annual heating need is produced by geothermal heat and the other half by bioenergy.

A new logistics centre utilising the most advanced energy technology in Europe will be completed in Sipoo in 2018

The starting point for the heating energy solution of the new logistics centre is the utilisation of energy generated in the production of cooling to the highest possible degree in heating. Up to 43% of the cooling plant's condensation energy can be utilised. In addition to the utilisation of condensation energy, an extensive geothermal field will be implemented underneath the building. A total heating capacity of 6.0 MW can be produced with condensation heat and the geothermal field, so in practice the new building will be entirely heated by condensation energy and geothermal heat. The heating and cooling energy supplied by Adven to S Group will be completely carbon neutral.

Responsible energy production and energy reuse are the common goals of both S Group and Adven in designing the energy solution for the new logistics centre.

This is how a hybrid plant works

Solar energy is stored in the ground. Ground heat is collected via geothermal heat wells and utilised with the help of heat pumps. Approximately 150 heat wells will be drilled in the energy field. During summer, facilities will be cooled when necessary with natural cooling available from the ground, in which case heat accumulated in the building from solar energy will be transferred to the ground.

The geothermal heat pumps have been dimensioned to produce an optimal energy amount with regard to their capacity. The rest of the energy needed will be produced in a solid fuel boiler using biofuel.

Olavi Raunio
SVP, New Industrial Sales and Solutions
Olavi Raunio