Cooling - Saarioinen

"As production levels increase, we wish to focus our resources on core production.We have an excellent history with Adven as our steam energy production partner.Therefore we also wanted to outsource our cooling energy production to Adven.

                                                   - Managing Director Kari Tupeli of Saarioinen

Adven supplies all the cooling energy required by the Sahalahti production unit of Saarioinen. The solution utilises the existing cooling energy production plant located in connection with the poultry processing unit; in addition, a new plant was built adjacent to the food processing unit. The current solution is the first industrial cooling service outsourcing contract in Finland.

-   "We serve the operations of Saarioinen through an advanced energy solution that supports the customer's food production quality chain," says Heikki Aarrejoki from Adven.

The technical solutions for the plant are designed in cooperation with Saarioinen. The new plant makes use of the equipment of the food processing unit's former cooling centre. The monitoring and control system is new; the plant is remotely monitored around the clock from the Adven central control room.

-   "We want to ensure that the expertise of an energy specialist is at our disposal, letting us focus on our core operations.We also emphasise environmental and safety issues.There are no responsibility issues when you buy a complete package from one supplier," says Technical Manager Olavi Virtanen from Saarioinen.

Heikki Aarrejoki
Director, Account Management
Heikki Aarrejoki