DB Schenker convinced by economical, green geoenergy and Adven’s expertise

DB Schenker and Adven teamed up in 2016 when heating and cooling for DB Schenker’s Vaasa terminal was decided to be delivered by a geoenergy solution provided by Adven. The system has been in use since December 2017, and Adven’s operating model has convinced DB Schenker.

Adven and DB Schenker’s shared success story continued at the start of 2018, with the inauguration of DB Schenker’s Pori terminal, whose heating and cooling is also delivered by a geoenergy solution provided by Adven.

“Our main concern is that energy is produced in a way that makes economic sense, and that it is as green as possible and takes environmental targets into account,” says DB Schenker’s Property Director, Marko Liimatainen.

The subject of ground source heat first came up when the Vaasa terminal needed an energy solution and there was no district heating network in the area.

“We started to think about ground source heating solutions, and we were impressed with Adven’s way of operating. They were also able to produce calculations that clearly showed us how much we would save compared to traditional energy solutions,” recalls Liimatainen.

The annual savings in energy costs for the terminal will be as much as 10% compared to traditional energy solutions.

Trouble-free and reliable energy solution

The Vaasa geoenergy project was implemented without a hitch, and it was easy to extend the collaboration with confidence when an energy solution was being considered for the Pori terminal. Unlike the Vaasa terminal, district heating was possible for the Pori terminal; geoenergy had already been tested at Vaasa, however, and it proved to be an excellent energy solution.

“For the client, Adven’s geoenergy solution project is trouble-free and reliable; they manage the project and handle matters professionally. Adven is able to take on even large projects, and they offer competitive service,” says Liimatainen.

DB Schenker

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