A zero investment for long-term savings

"For Kungsleden, it is important to always think new and think green. The geothermal solution that we have implemented together with Adven enables us to energy-optimize and lower our costs for heating and cooling. "

- Eskil Lindnér, Head of real estate, Kungsleden

0€Zero investment
for Adven's solution
In 2014, Adven installed geothermal heating and cooling in Torsnäs 1, a commercial building located in Kista, Stockholm with Huawei as the biggest tenant. The existing cooling system in the office building was in need of a major upgrade and investment. Kungsleden chose to take a holistic approach to the property's energy supplies including both heating and cooling.

By changing to heating and cooling from geothermal energy supplies, Kungsleden did not have to invest in new cooling equipment. Instead, they let Adven manage all the energy needs of the property.