Heat - Nummelan Aluelämpö Oy

""The biofuel facility was built to replace the use of oil, which made our district heating better for the environment. The specific CO2 emissions are now 84% lower." - Jarmo Kousa, Managing Director, Nummelan Aluelämpö Oy

In the 1980s, the predecessor of Adven offered an energy production solution for the municipality of Vihti. The municipality was investigating its options for an energy distribution model in the Nummela population centre, and the joint distribution company Nummelan Aluelämpö Oy was established in 1985. As modernisation of the company's small heat production plants became necessary, the scales tipped in favour of biofuels.

84% CO2 emissions are
now 84% lower
Adven built the new heat production plant with a swift schedule in six months, and production operations were launched in early 2007. The plant uses biofuels and replaces smaller oil-based plants that remain in the system as back-up and peaking plants. State-or-the-art technology and biofuels have cut the CO2 emissions by 84%. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the new production solution also guarantees competitive pricing of the district heating in the Nummela area.

The biofuel facility located in Nummela produces heat for the district heating network of Nummelan Aluelämpö Oy. The output power of the heap grate facility, which burns mainly wood chips, is 6 MW. The plant is remotely monitored, and Adven manages its operation, maintenance and fuel procurement.

Elli Ikonen
Account Manager