A publically owned pioneer that went from oil to geoenergy

"With Adven as a supplier we were able to introduce an environmentally friendly alternative for heating and lower our heating costs. Adven also offers a flexible contract that allows us to avoid getting tied up in a monopoly-like structure" - Björn Blomkvist, CEO Värmdö Bostäder

253apartments heated
with geoenergy

Starting in 2014, Adven is the energy supplier for Värmdö Bostäder, one of the first publically owned residential complexes in Sweden that switched from oil to outsourced geothermal energy. Adven implemented a local heating station that uses green electricity to heat up 253 apartments with geothermal energy.

As a result of the change in heating supplier and energy source, the client has been able to lower their energy costs while having a locally adapted energy solution designed exclusively for the property. The change also offered a significant environmental improvement for the property.