As a proof of trust, cooperation now expands

"Adven was able to offer us a smart solution not only in decreasing the water usage but also providing savings in total energy.  Earlier cooperation between Nammo and Adven now continues and deepens."


- Ilkka Heikkilä, Managing Director, Nammo Vihtavuori Oy

Nammo Vihtavuori Oy, situated by the Lake Siikavuori in Vihtavuori, Finland has produced high-quality reloading powders for almost hundred years.

In 2014 Nammo and Adven made a long-term agreement for energy supply, and the Adven built bio steam plant in the area was taken in use last year. Thanks to the new plant Adven now produces steam and heat mainly by using domestic fuels instead of oil.

Steam supply form the bio steam plant has also improved Nammo’s supply security as the factory is no longer dependent on imported fuels. The environmental aspects were in focus in the decision making, just as well the productivity of the whole factory.  

- The steam plant realized in tight cooperation has already reached anticipated all cost savings and advantages, says Heikkilä

Water usage of the Lake Siikajärvi was re-thought

Thanks to the positive experiences the cooperation between Nammo and Adven expands in the future: last year the water of the Lake Siikajärvi was discovered to be on an exceptionally low level, and Nammo as the most remarkable user of the lake water decided to take actions to improve the situation.

15%smaller total energy usabe

Adven was chosen as Nammo’s partner for implementing a progressive closed loop water system. From autumn 2016 on, 40% less water will be taken from the lake in comparison to the previous. At the same time the solution will decrease the total energy usage of the factory by 15%.

In addition to solving the lake water issue, the closed loop cooling water cycle decreases the usage of fuels and releases steam production capacity for the factory.  

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About Nammo Vihtavuori

Nammo Vihtavuori Oy produces propellants for military and civil use and intermediate explosive products e.g. nitrated oils and nitrocellulose. Factory has been manufacturing high quality propellants since 1920. Nammo Vihtavuori is part of Nammo Group, which is a Nordic defense group whose main business areas are Nordic countries, Europe and North America. Nammo Group employs 2100 experts in 11 countries, and the group’s turnover is EUR 490 million. 

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