Steam- Altia Corporation

The Rajamäki unit of Altia produces the Koskenkorva and Finlandia vodkas from the purest raw materials in the world. The production process utilises steam produced by Adven. Altia, the Finnish alcoholic beverage manufacturer, adopted a new wood chip furnace in 2002, replacing the old coal and oil burner.

The environmental perspective was only one of the factors behind Altia's decision to build a new wood chip power plant at its Rajamäki unit. The management of Altia also wanted to achieve financial benefits by outsourcing energy production and the related investments.

Unmanned and remotely monitored

Adven designed the power plant together with its partners to meet the customer's needs and wishes. The plant is unmanned, and it is operated and monitored by Adven's personnel.

In the control room in Vantaa, an operator uses screens to monitor each one of the more than 100 power plants operated by Adven. The operations of the power plant are locally controlled by a PLC automation system.

The system is able to start back-up operation on its own when necessary with no command from the control room, enabling uninterrupted delivery of steam to the customer. In case of a transient, the system identifies it with no delay and sends a signal to the control room. The operator opens the control system of the power plant on the screen.In most cases, the problem can be addressed using the remote control system.

Only occasional need for oil

The output power of the biofuel furnace supplied by MW Power is 11 MW, while the entire capacity of the plant is 27 MW. The primary fuel is wood chips, but an oil burner will start during peaks in demand and when back-up power is required.The oil burner also has a separate pre-heater that utilises flue gas.The biofuel furnace is particularly designed to use fuel with up to 65% water content, but it can also efficiently utilise biofuels with water content as low as 15%.

In recent years, sales development has been best for environmentally friendly power plants which use biofuel. Adven will continue to increase its focus in this area.

The construction and completion of the Rajamäki power plant went smoothly with no major issues. Adven project organisation specialises in exactly this kind of work. 

Teemu Kivimäki
Sales Manager, New Industrial Sales