Tailored solution - Yara

"The arrangement ensures the preconditions for phosphoric acid production at the plant for years to come. "

Why do we buy phosphoric acid when we can make it for ourselves? Self-sufficiency means independence and could bring cost benefits for energy production. This was the line of thought at the Yara Siilijärvi plant that uses sulphuric acid as a main ingredient when making phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid, in turn, is an important substance in the production of fertilisers and animal feed.

To increase the level of sulphuric acid and energy production, Yara launched a partnership with Adven. The project began with a thorough process and energy analysis, which was used as the basis for selecting an optimal solution. The base concept was a model in which Adven builds a sulphur burner facility integrated into the plant's production process and acquires the necessary sulphur. The parties have joint responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the facility. Yara also invests in improving the sulphur acid production process.

How energy solutions work

The new facility uses the sulphur from the Finnish oil refining industry. The sulphur is burned to create sulphuric acid raw material for Yara's needs. The heat from the process is recovered and used for power production and in the Siilinjärvi district heating network, explains Heikki Aarrejoki from Adven.

Heikki Aarrejoki
Director, Account Management